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Excursion to the mythical mountain of the 12 gods of Olympus, history and culture! The cultural heritage of the ancient city of Dion is combined with the unparalleled beauty at the foot of the mythical Mount Olympus. THE the home of the 12 gods could be no less than imposing, with nature fascinating and a particular biodiversity to accompanies it, constituting Greece’s first national park.Olympus,
the highest mountain in Greece and closely intertwined with mythology,
is an open invitation-challenge to discover its magic
and collect amazing pictures! Feel the magnificent aura
walking in the canyon of Enipea! Also, after consultation we can
planning to continue your exploration in Olympus
hiking with organized clubs.


The place where the divine element meets the miracle of nature Theoretical rocks, monasteries “swinging” and beautiful paths compose a magnificent landscape that everyone should know. THE a spooky almost monastic state with monasteries perched on on the outskirts of the impressive cliffs, invites you to discover the greatness of nature.The earth meets the sky, the human intervention the divine element and the visitor finds peace of mind and spiritual serenity that flows uninterruptedly from the atmosphere. Millions Visitors from all over the world come to Meteora every year to admire this unique phenomenon. In 1988 Meteora was included in the UNESCO World Heritage List.


We take you to Delphi easily and comfortably for one
unique natural environment with powerful energy, and see the sanctuaries
monuments of the past. Delphi is an ideal experience for 
children too. The center of the world is Delphi.
Feel the awe in front of the Temple of Apollo. The beauty of the landscape and the
the aura of the archaeological site fascinates the visitor.

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