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Extra Long “Taxi Van Olympus” (special hire) are an ideal & affordable option for your commute to or from the county.With a capacity of 8 people each, you can enjoy your trip with your friends, family or colleagues 24 hours, 365 days wherever you want.You are given the opportunity to know the cost of our services & the route as our vehicles do not have a taximeter (special lease) and the price is fixed in advance.In case you are transporting small children, you can let us know that we have equipped the van with similar child seats as they are equipped with isofix seats. Please also let us know that we accept all types of credit & debit cards. Contact us to inform you in detail of our benefits & give you the best possible offer.


We serve all areas and destinations, such as Airports, Ports, Buses or Train Stations all over Greece as well as any hotel unit,isofix child seats for all ages (upon request). Booking / Appointments so you can safely and securely have a taxi in any given time.Ability to carry passengers in and out of the border safely and securely, moving partners and employees of all companies and at monthly rates,tourist guided tours – Religious Resorts, One-day & Multi-day trips, Reception and transfer of guests from your area waiting for Receptions,
weddings and any other social event, transferability of underage children. Unaccompanied shipments and deliveries (envelopes, packages) inside and outside the border. Transportation V.I.P.,
we offer immediate and fast service to the public with state-of-the-art 5 & 9-seat vehicles, free wi-fi, independent air conditioning for rear passengers. Portable charging capability.

Vehicle type selection (Taxi, Van, Mini bus)

Possibility to wait and return

All cars are air-conditioned

Possibility of selecting a foreign language guide

Multiple destinations

Staff transfers

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